Most funny moments in history of cricket

Most funny moments in history of cricket

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Funny moments in cricket. This video contain most funny moments in history of cricket.
This video has five funny moments which are as follows
1) At 00:03 is funny scene of IPL (Indian Premier League) where Chennai Super Kings missed the chance of run out in funny manner
2) At 00:59 a match between Australia and New Zealand where Australian bowler Glenn McGrath tries to bowl and dead ball just for fun and umpire Billy Bowden shows red card to Glenn McGrath.
3) At 1:36 is a scene of a test match of India where Sachin Tendulkar got run out in funny manner.
4) At 2:04 is scene of match between Australia and West Indies where at last ball when Australian batsman plays last ball and ran for run but before they made run whole crowd of West Indies came in ground and snatches bat from Australian players.
5) At 2:45 most funny and amazing moment of cricket is match between Pakistan and Indian where situation became very interesting and funny when Pakistan was batting, Inzamam Ul Haq and Mohammad Yousaf both ran to same side and got run out but situation was very complex for umpire to decide who is out? Inzamam or Yousaf?

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